AIMS Virtual Research Seminars

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, our centres are unable to host workshops and conferences in person as we would have. Hence, we have launched the AIMS Virtual Research Seminars. The goal is to spark interest and expose young African mathematical scientists to advances and state-of-the-art research in different areas of the mathematical sciences.

Organizing Team: Adotey Kofi Sampson (AIMS-NEI), Bah Bubacarr (AIMS South Africa), Fall Mouhamed Moustapha  (AIMS Senegal), Foupouagnigni Mama  (AIMS Cameroon), Gnang Edinah (Johns Hopkins University),  Ndifon Wilfred (AIMS-NEI), Pamen Olivier (AIMS Ghana), Sylla Mouhamadou Bamba (AIMS Rwanda).



1st July 2020 (4pm SAST/2pm GMT) – On the Kotzig-Ringel-Rosa conjecture

By Edi(nah) K. Gnang – Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Johns Hopkins University

Abstract: In this talk we describe and motivate the K.R.R. conjecture and describe a functional graph theoretic approach enabling us to tackle the K.R.R. conjecture via a composition lemma. Sign up here