The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at AIMS-NEI

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program provides academically talented yet financially disadvantaged young people, particularly from Africa, with access to quality and relevant secondary and university education. This program, which aims to educate 15000 young people and enable them to contribute to the economic growth and social development in their countries of origin consists of a global network of education institutions and non-profit organizations, who together believe that education is a catalyst for social and economic betterment. For more details, please visit


In November 2014, AIMS signed a funding agreement with the Mastercard Foundation to support 30% of all admitted students at AIMS from 2015/2016 to 2018/2019, comprising:


=>The AIMS Teacher Training Program in Cameroon (now equally implemented in Rwanda), aimed at building and strengthening the pipeline for STEM at the secondary level

=>Comprehensive scholarships for the Taught Master’s degree in Mathematics (full bursaries) to talented African university graduates at AIMS’ centres of excellence

=>An 18-month Cooperative Master’s (full bursaries), a work-integrated learning program piloted in 2015 at AIMS Senegal, currently offered in the Senegal, Cameroon and Rwanda centres, with specializations in Big Data, Computer Security and Financial Mathematics

=>The majority of these scholarships will be awarded to young women and Scholars are expected to:

=> Give Back (Community Service): all students are expected to volunteer 20 hours of their year at the AIMS Centre to community service. This will reinforce their leadership skills and strengthen their sense of responsibility to give back to Africa

=> Develop leadership skills that enable graduates to take initiative and lead positive transformation of their communities

As at October 31st 2017, AIMS-NEI had graduated a total of 156 Mastercard Foundation Scholars, 133 of whom are women with 99 scholars (48 women) currently undertaking the program:

=> 2015/2016 Cohort: 81 Scholars/58 Female (69 Taught and 12 Co-op)

=> 2016/2017 Cohort: 95 Scholars/82 Female (75 Regular and 20 Co-op)

=> 2017/2018 Cohort (ongoing): 99 Scholars/48 Female (74 regular and 25 Co-op)

Combined, these scholars are nationals from 29 African countries, namely: Ghana (33), Cameroon (32), Kenya (28), Nigeria (27), Rwanda (23), Senegal (21), Sudan (18), Tanzania (14), Madagascar (13), Egypt (9), Uganda (8), Burundi (7), Republic of Congo (6), Zimbabwe (6), Zambia (5), Benin (4), Malawi (4), Democratic Republic of Congo (3), Botswana (2), Ethiopia (2), Swaziland (2), Algeria (1), Burkina Faso (1), Chad (1), Lesotho (1), Liberia (1), Mauritania (1), Somalia (1) and Togo (1).

Meet our 2017/2018 Cohort of Mastercard Foundation Scholars across the AIMS-NEI network:

AIMS South Africa Mastercard Foundation Scholars

AIMS Senegal Mastercard Foundation Scholars

AIMS Ghana Mastercard Foundation Scholars

AIMS Cameroon Mastercard Foundation Scholars

AIMS Rwanda Mastercard Foundation Scholars

To become a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at AIMS, visit apply via the website of the center of your choice for either the Taught or Co-op Master’s Program by selecting “Study at AIMS…” under the “Apply” menu. Successful applicants are invited to compete for a spot on the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. Applications open from December 1st to March 31st annually.