Our Management

Lydie Hakizimana

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Barry Green

Chief Research and Academic Officer

Rana Auditto

Vice President Operations and Chief Financial Officer

Youssef Travaly

NEF, Vice President of Science, Innovation and Partnerships

Nathalie Munyampenda

Director of Communications and Public Engagement & NEF
Managing Director


Dr Wilfred Ndifon

Director of Research – AIMS Global Network


Audrey Namdiero-Walsh

European Operations Director

Prince Osei

Director of Quantum Leap Africa & Acting President, AIMS Ghana

Veronica Uton

Director, People Talent & Culture

Mathias Goldstein

Director of Advancement and Partnerships

Karen Sutherland

Director of Monitoring & Evaluation

Dr Herine Otieno- Menya

Director of AIMS Teacher Training Program – Rwanda



Daniel Tieudjo

Director of the AIMS Teacher Training Program- Cameroon



Charles Lebon Mberi Kimpolo

Director, AIMS Industry Initiative



Kode Niane

Director of Grants and Program Finance



Daniel Adipo

Assistant Director, Evaluation and Program Performance