About AIMS

What is AIMS?

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is an academic network that enables Africa’s brightest students to become innovators that advances scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency.

What is the AIMS Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI)?

AIMS-NEI is a core program of AIMS and specifically involves the establishment and operation of a network of fifteen centres of excellence across Africa that is focused on the teaching of mathematical sciences to African university graduates.

What is the governance structure of AIMS?

AIMS is governed by an International Board of Directors, who are assisted by an Audit and Finance Committee and an Advisory Academic and Scientific Council.

What is the AIMS Women in STEM Initiative (AIMSWIS)?

AIMSWIS is a flagship program dedicated to accelerating progress for African women in STEM through evidence-based reporting and advocacy, leveraging increased investments, adoption of best practices, engaging men and collaboration across African women in the STEM pipeline.

What is an AIMS Chapter?

AIMS chapters are based in Canada, Germany and the UK. Chapters drive partnerships and are responsible for resource mobilisation and public engagement activities aimed at supporting the growth of the network.

About the AIMS Course

When do AIMS applications open?

Applications for admission to all AIMS centres open on 1st December each year. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible to improve their chances of acceptance. Applications will close on 31stof March each year.

Do I have to pay tuition, travel and boarding fees to study at AIMS?

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, all African students receive full scholarships which fully provide for travel, boarding and a small stipend. There are no tuition fees at AIMS. However, if you so wish to support AIMS and its activities, visit the AIMS donation site http://www.nexteinstein.org/support-donate-now

What is the difference between January intake, Master’s and Co-op Masters?

The January intake for the AIMS Master’s is limited to South African and (SADC) nationals only. The AIMS Master’s and Co-operative Master’s programs are open to all African nationals. However, the co-operative program is an 18-month program and it takes a work-integrated learning approach by combining course work with practical industry experience.

If accepted into the AIMS program, can I bring my family with me?


What qualification do I get after successfully completing the AIMS programme?

AIMS offers an intensive one-year postgraduate course leading to a Master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences. The specific qualifications (and the awarding institution) will depend on which AIMS centre you are attending, for more info visit: AIMS RwandaAIMS-South AfricaAIMS-Senegal, AIMS-GhanaAIMS-Cameroon and AIMS-Tanzania.

About the Application Form and Submission

Applications open on the 1st December of every year at http://www.nexteinstein.org/apply The process is entirely web-based. No applications will be accepted through email.

Why is my application still incomplete if I completed the form and submitted all supporting documents?

At least one of your referees should submit a recommendation to support your application.

How can I edit my application?

Once you have created your profile, you will be able to edit your application.

Do I have to submit a new application if I applied last year?

On confirmation of your email, the system will detect if your profile was received the previous year. If that’s the case, on login your previously submitted information will be displayed  then you will need to update the information where necessary.

Can I still submit my application after the deadline?

Yes, however you will not be able to create a new profile.

About Application status and feedback

How do I know that my application was successfully submitted? How do I know the status or progress of my application?

You can log into your profile to check the status of your application.

How long does it take to know the result of my application after submission?

Depending on the center that you have selected as your first choice, notifications towards the decision on your application will be communicated as early as June or by the end of July each year.

About the Referees

How do I know that my referees have submitted their recommendations?

On your profile under the referee status, you will be able to view the status of your recommendations.

My referees did not receive any email asking them for recommendations. How can I change my referee information? Can I have more than two referees?

Make sure you provided the correct referee details. Log into your profile to edit the referee information or add new referees. Note that you can have more than one referee. However, the editing and addition of new referees is only allowed within preset days after you created or made previous changes to the referee details.

My referees submitted the recommendations but my application still shows they are missing?

Confirm with the referee, alternatively check the system status of the recommendation under referee tab.

About the Attachment Files

What supporting documents do I have to have before I start the application?

The required documents include all your university transcripts and academic transcripts.

Do I need to translate my transcripts if they are not in English or French?

Not necessary, however we do recommend you do.

How do I submit more supporting documents if I have already submitted my application?

You can submit your transcripts at any time during the application process by logging into your profile under document upload tab.

Can I submit my application without attaching supporting documents at the same time?

Yes, however your application will not be reviewed until your supporting documents are received.

I am experiencing difficulties with uploading my academic documents. What should I do?

Check that you are submitting documents with the required file extension .pdf or .jpg, or .jpeg. Note you cannot just rename the file extension on your document, you will need to convert your document to a pdf or jpg using your preferred conversion program.

About Eligibility

Am I eligible to apply, what are the entry requirements?

Applicants should hold, or anticipate completing by the start date of the AIMS course, a 4-year university degree in mathematics, or any science or engineering subject with a significant mathematics component.Visit http://www.nexteinstein.org/apply  for eligibility requirements.

About Requirements

What do I need to complete an AIMS application?

Applicants will need to complete an online application form (which includes answers to questions about themselves), contact details for two referees (who AIMS will contact) and provide copies of their academic transcripts.

Do I need to take GRE or TOEFL test or an English language Test?

No need for GRE, TOEFL of other related language tests to be eligible for the AIMS Scholarship. However, you might be required to take up some English and French courses once you are at AIMS

Is there an application fee?

As of now, applying for the AIMS scholarship is at no cost. However, if you so wish to support AIMS and its activities, visit AIMS donation site https://donate.nexteinstein.org/give/111045/#!/donation/checkout


Teaching at AIMS

How can I support AIMS by teaching or tutoring?

AIMS’ academic team has proven experience in pure and applied mathematics, physics, computer science, mathematical biology and other fields. To join AIMS’ team of accomplished lecturers, please click here for more information and to apply. If you are interested in becoming a tutor/teaching assistant please click here for more information and to apply.

Research at AIMS

How do I get involved with research at AIMS?

AIMS is incubating breakthrough research to address global challenges. If you are interested in a postdoctoral fellowship or research position, visiting or hosting a workshop or conference at an AIMS centre please contact the relevant centre.

Supporting AIMS

How can my contribution to AIMS make a difference?

Funding AIMS is an investment in innovation. Our students contribute to Africa’s transformation, drive new approaches and build African economic strength. Through a one-time or ongoing monthly gift to AIMS you will support cutting-edge technology, world-class instructors, classrooms and learning environments that incubate global solutions. Donate today or learn more: contact us.

Can I designate an AIMS centre when making my contribution?

Yes. You can support an AIMS centre, chapter or program by designating your gift. Note that designating your gift is not required and general gifts work to advance the AIMS mission where it will have the biggest strategic impact. Donate today or learn more: contact us.

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