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The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is an innovative, pan-African centre for post-graduate education, research and outreach which has achieved global recognition since opening in South Africa in 2003. AIMS recruits students from all over Africa for a postgraduate program taught by outstanding international lecturers within an exceptional 24-hour learning environment. The AIMS students have studied mathematical sciences in the broad sense at an African university for 4 years before coming to AIMS.

Launched in 2008 by Neil Turok's TED Prize Wish, the Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI) seeks to build 15 AIMS centres across the African continent offering the same educational opportunity, creating a pan-African network of centres.

AIMS-NEI is coordinated by a Secretariat located in Claremont, near Cape Town, South Africa. Our team currently consists of a mathematician, a cosmologist, an engineer, an astrophysicist turned accountant and a social scientist, together with partners from across Africa and around the world. We need exceptionally motivated and talented people to join us in making this happen.

Current Employment Opportunities:  

Cape Town:  AIMSSEC - IT Coordinator
Tanzania:  Career Development & Public Engagement Officer
Senegal: Director of Industry Initiative and Skills Development
Tanzania:  Centre President/Rector
Cape Town:  Director of Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
Cape Town:  Director of Communications
Tanzania:  Chief Operating Officer
Tanzania:  Facilities and Logistics Manager
Tanzania:  Finance and HR Manager
Tanzania:  IT Manager
Tanzania:  Academic Director
UK:  Head of Fundraising see also job specification
Senegal:  Director/President
Cape Town:  AIMS-NEI Director of Academic Development

Positions Recently Filled: 

Germany:  NEF Membership and Content Specialist
Germany:  NEF Operations and Project Manager
Germany:  NEF Communications and Media Manager
Germany: AIMS-NEI Country Representative [English] [German]
Cape Town:  Research Assistant (RA) for the European Commision project (AIMSSEC) see also job description
UK:  Finance Officer see also job specification
UK:  Operations Support Associate see also job specification
Cape Town:  Alumni Survey Consultant
Cape Town:  Front Office Coordinator / Administrative Assistant
Call for Research Proposals for a Joint Research Chair Position
Cape Town:  Principal Investigator - Researcher see also job description
Cape Town:  AIMSSEC Primary Specialist for Mathematics
Cape Town:  AIMS-NEI Finance Assistant
Cape Town:  AIMS-NEI Career Development Manager
Curriculum Consultant - Integrated Career Learning at the Masters Level
Cameroon:  Finance and Admin Manager [English] [French]
Cape Town:  AIMS-NEI Executive Support Officer
Cameroon:   Facilities Manager [English] [French]
Cameroon:   IT Manager [English] [French]
Cameroon:   Language Teacher [English] [French]
Cameroon:  Chief Operating Officer
Cameroon:  Academic Director
Cape Town:  Director of Finance
Gender Consultant
Ghana and Cameroon:  AIMS Center Director
Chief Financial Officer

The possibilities are endless and if you have an interesting idea or CV, please email: careers @ nexteinstein.org  with a two-paragraph description of how you think you could help us in our mission. We are an equal opportunity employer and all positions offer competitive salaries and outstanding personal and professional growth opportunities.


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