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The AIMS Industry Initiative is working to develop linkages between the AIMS network and industry across the scope of the network’s activities. This site is dedicated to assisting AIMS alumni and forthcoming graduates in finding jobs and internships opportunities.

Opportunities for mathematical scientists are everywhere. From modelling HIV spread for health ministries and NGOs, to developing more robust motorcycle parts, the applications to industry, government and the not-for-profit sector are boundless.

Here you can find listing of opportunities open to AIMS alumni and the careers tools and advice to help you succeed.

Smiley faceA wide range of job opportunities are available to AIMS alumni. Here are some of the top job search website and the most interesting positions that we have identified. Smiley faceInternships can get your proverbial foot in the door at some very interesting companies and often provide training. Take a look at these opportunities.
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Take a look at these careers tools to make sure that you get the job of your dreams. This is where you will find how to present your skills and experience in a professional and positive light

EntreprenuershipDo you wish to become a successful entrepreneur? Do you have the right skills and personality? Why do some small businesses succeed and others fail?
Many job seeker and career changers know that networking is something they should be doing, but they still ask  questions like what is networking? How can it help you? What is the strategy? What kind of skills are needed? Resources available here can answer all these questions.



Raspberry Pi is AIMS’ business partner that uses technology to make a difference. Join the Raspberry Competition and get a kick-start on starting your own business. All you need to do to join is to submit a business plan outlining Raspberry would establish a business using Raspberry Pi to bring low cost automation to new markets and applications in Africa. Get the details here.