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When do AIMS applications open?

Applications for admission to all AIMS centres open 1st of December each year. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible to improve their chances of acceptance. Applications will close on 23rd of March each year.

What do I need to complete an AIMS application?

Applicants will need to complete an online application form (which includes answers to questions about themselves), contact details for two referees (who AIMS will contact) and provide copies of their academic transcripts.

Do I need to take GRE or TOEFL test?


Do I need to translate my transcripts if they are not in English or French?

Not necessary, however we do recommend you do.

Which program/degree qualifies me to apply at AIMS?

Applicants should hold, or anticipate completing by the start date of the AIMS course, a 4-year university degree in mathematics, or any science or engineering subject with a significant mathematics component.

When does the selection begin and how soon can I expect to hear of the results?

Applicants who are accepted to the programme will be notified in early April. All applicants will know the outcome of their application by May 31st each year.

Do I have to pay tuition, travel and boarding fees to study at AIMS?

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, all African students receive full scholarships which provide fully for travel, boarding and a small stipend. There are no tuition fees at AIMS.

If accepted into the AIMS program, can I bring my family with me?


What qualification do I get after successfully completing the AIMS programme?

AIMS offers an intensive one-year postgraduate course leading to a Master's degree in Mathematical Sciences. The specific qualifications (and the awarding institution) will depend on which AIMS centre you are attending, for more info visit: AIMS-South Africa, AIMS-Senegal, AIMS-Ghana, AIMS-Cameroon and AIMS-Tanzania.

Can I change my application profile details after submitting my application?

No. However, should your e-mail address change, please notify us by e-mail: To avoid any delays in the evaluation of your application, please do take time to complete the application form with correct and accurate information.




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