AIMS network staff meet for RBM training

On February 1, 2013, in preparation for a week long Programme Implementation Planning (PIP) workshop from February 4-8, 2013 the AIMS-NEI Secretariat organised a one-day Results Based Management (RBM) training to introduce key concepts and tools to the workshop participants. There were fifteen participants representing AIMS-South Africa, AIMS-Ghana, AIMS-Senegal and AIMS-NEI Secretariat. IDRC's Director of Grant Administration was visiting the AIMS-NEI Secretariat this week and also participated in the one-day training.

The workshop was co-facilitated by Transformational Development Results (TDR) International and the AIMS-NEI Secretariat, and focused on increasing the participants' capacity to recognize and utilize RBM as a planning, design, monitoring and management tool. Discussions and case studies utilized AIMS-related examples and through practical exercises, the day training catered for both active and experiential learning needs of participants.


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