Advancement Readiness workshop for the development of AIMS-NEI Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation

The NEI Department of Advancement organised a two-day workshop on the 12-13th of September 2012 in Saly Portudal, Senegal, as part of its initial groundwork to establish an effective environment for successful partnerships and fundraising over the next five years.

Amongst the eleven workshop participants, mainly composed of the Communication and Outreach officers from all AIMS centres, were Mr. Thierry Zomahoun - AIMS-NEI Executive Director and Prof Mamadou Sanghare - Director of AIMS-Senegal and AIMS-NEI Board member.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  1. To share experiences and lessons learned from existing communication and partnership building strategies and tools across the network
  2. To develop key communications, key messages and institutional relationship building materials
  3. To develop high level Communication and PR strategy for the AIMS Network

The workshop participants were honoured by the presence of three special guests, who devoted their time to share best practices in developing partnerships and resource mobilisation; Mr. Youssouf Cissé - Organisational Development Expert, Mrs Kathryn Touré - IDRC Regional Director for West Africa and Mr. Lee Kirkham - IDRC Regional Controller for Eastern and Southern Africa.

The participants highlighted three key expectations from the workshop:

  1. Using communication to enhance advancement and corporate partnerships within the network
  2. Having a clear inventory of tools to be used for communication
  3. Having a clear communication plan for advancement

At the end of the workshop, the following outputs were achieved:

  1. The development of key messages – AIMS at a glance and Elevator Pitch
  2. The inventory list of 13 useful tools/channels to be used for specific audiences
  3. The structure of a communication plan.

By the end of this year, the Advancement team will have to develop the tools and a communication plan for their respective centre.


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